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For a content creator, OnlyFans works a lot like some other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook but your content is hidden until your fans subscribe to you, for a price that you set. Then you get paid 80% commission on all income. You can also earn from PPV messages and receive tips from your fans.

Commision Breakdown

Creators Keep 80%
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OnlyFans Keeps 5%


How to: Send PPV messages to all your fans at once

How to: Send PPV messages to all your fans at once

OnlyFans is recognised as the UK’s market leading Social media & influencer platform for subscriber exclusive content. OnlyFans has revolutionised the way social media influencers engage with their fans. It enables them to create exclusive content for fans and followers and monetise their content by setting a subscription fee… Although a stand-alone platform, OnlyFans is intrinsically linked with global social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. OnlyFans makes it possible for content creators with influence and large fan bases to create fan-only content for fans that are willing to pay-to-view. This is a game changer for content creators who are currently relying on brand endorsement, campaigns and YouTube advertising commissions to commercialise their social media careers. OnlyFans delivers a real and direct return on investment for content creators.

Unlock The Power Of Your Influence

Now’s the time to recognise you have influence and look at how to make it pay, so check out OnlyFans and see how much you could earn from your content today.

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The OnlyFans way to make your influence pay

Social media is evolving at a breakneck speed. One of the products of this evolution is the social media influencer- erstwhile ordinary people who have been able to amass a large following on social media platforms. Influencers have the power to drive opinions and affect the purchasing habits of their followers. Unsurprisingly, brands and businesses are beginning to appreciate the power of these influencers and you might as well call them the 21st-century celebrities.

As cheesy as it sounds, becoming a social media influencer is no easy task. People who do not know you would not follow you because you begged them to. There must be something that attracts you to them, something that makes you worthy of being followed. A following of the proportions necessary to become a social media influencer is only achievable when you are able to strengthen the value chain. Consistently offer something of value and more people would visit your page, keeping your thousands or millions of followers (when you eventually gain them) glued to your page is perhaps a harder proposition. The moment what you’re offering is no longer perceived to be of value, the crowd would disperse quicker than they gathered. Many content creators have experienced this and believe me when I tell you that rising again is an uphill task.

How do influencers make their money?

We already emphasized the hard work that goes into becoming a social media influencer and staying relevant as one. But just how do they monetize their craft? First off, social media platforms do not directly pay influencers or content creators (except YouTube perhaps). This may sound rather shocking as these platforms are among the biggest businesses in this age. But it’s the reality, for now at least. What social media does is expose influencers to brands that are willing to leverage on their influence. Think about celebrity endorsement, only that this is on a more personal level. The nature of the influencer’s craft makes them closer to their fans.

As a social media influencer, a  near-total dependence on brand endorsements to monetize your craft poses a real danger. If anything, your fans love originality. You should never lose what endeared them to you in the first place. Balancing being yourself and representing paying brands could be tricky. And this doesn’t remove the fact that you’re not gaining directly from your everyday content, the content that earned you the fans in the first place.

OnlyFans presents the perfect solution

The truth is, your fans love what you do and they trust your opinion. That’s why they connected with you and it’s why you have the influence you do. This is where OnlyFans comes in. We recognize how much your fans value your content and that is why we are dedicated to helping you make money from it. As an extension of the social media experience you are creating for fans, OnlyFans gives you the freedom to create exclusive ‘fan only’ content. Your dedicated fans would pay a small amount as subscription fees in order to have access to this content. Adding this dimension to your social mix enables you to create exclusive and added-value content for subscribers. Furthermore, it enhances your fan relationships and, importantly, you’ll be generating a substantial income from the quality content you work so hard to create.

Create and earn from great content

To make your content pay, you would continue to meet the expectations of your fans for free content. But by understanding where your true value and influence are, you simply reserve some content for subscribers. It is important to keep your original following on social media. They are the ones that already know the worth of your content and many of them would be thrilled at the news that you’re going a step further in a bid to please them. The exclusives and added-value services you would be sharing on your OnlyFans page represent this giant step.

For example, if you’re a fitness expert, you may post workout routines or fitness tips. Extending your content to offer in-depth workouts is something you deserve to earn from. Why give all of your expertise for free? Makeup or beauty influencers may give tips and techniques for free, but creating more extensive tutorials is something your fans would value enough to pay a little for. Right?

The reality is this. For the majority of your fans, nothing will change; they’ll continue to enjoy your content as it is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Adding an option for people to subscribe to exclusive content doesn’t compromise or diminish what you’ve achieved. But if just 1% of your fans take a subscription your content could generate between £1,000 and £5,025 per month*. You create great content anyway and your fans love it. So why deny yourself the chance to give more value to your fans and get paid for it, if they want it?

Join the trend today…

OnlyFans is at the forefront of the social media evolution. Millions of content creators across the world already have OnlyFans accounts, they’re building their subscriber base and earning from exclusive subscriber-only content. On a technical point, the social media experience you’ve worked so hard to establish is seamless too. The OnlyFans platform replicates Twitter and Instagram in its feel and user experience. Everything looks and feels similar to content creators and subscribers alike.

Helping you in more ways than one

Once you start offering exclusive content, you’ll become more adept at adding value to your subscribers. Indirectly, you’re honing your skills and becoming even more relevant. Asides this, OnlyFans has the potential to enhance your commercial relationship with your regular sponsors. This easily happens when you are able to build a strong community of subscribers. Imagine yourself working with a brand to create content and campaigns for mainstream social platforms. You can offer an exclusive extension of the campaign to your OnlyFans community. You’ll be creating a multidimensional campaign that would attract your free-to-view audience and paid subscriber alike. You can be sure many brands would be thrilled with the idea as it is easier to sell a product or service to a community of people that are already used to paying for value. It’s indeed a win-win for all parties.

Unlock The Power Of Your Influence

Now’s the time to recognize you have influence and look at how to make it pay. Check out our website and see how much you could earn from your content today.

November 1st, 2018|Categories: OnlyFans|4 Comments

Transforming your social media following into a lucrative business through OnlyFans – the Jem Wolfie story

If you’ve ever had a large following on any social media platform, you’ll easily agree that being a social media influencer is inspiring and exciting. And it could come with monetary gratification too. Brands are now aware of the ability of content creators to connect with their followers in ways traditional means of marketing can’t. As an influencer, the least you could do is tap into this potential. OnlyFans is a platform you can explore to turn your crowd into gold.

A true marketing ‘Jem’

You do not come by influencers like Jem Wolfie every day. Too often, we see people amassing a large following on social media but ultimately struggling to keep them. The root cause of this is that most social media influencers present themselves as something else in a bid to gain the cult following. At some point, keeping up the appearance becomes harder than they imagined. They offer less value to their followers and an otherwise massive following begins to wane.

Jem Wolfie belongs to another ilk. Her 2 million Instagram followers enjoy her originality. And she knows she doesn’t have to change a thing about herself in a bid to keep them. The originality creates a connection that goes all the way down to an emotional level even when it’s only a virtual connection.

Her passion for what she does, her fan base, and the loyalty she has built make her widely coveted by numerous brands. Her endorsement of brands, whilst very selective and true to her genuine beliefs, fetch her a healthy income. The inclusion of products in her content is real, personal and natural, and that approach works for Jem and the brands she represents. But she also appreciates the need to remain impartial and not become a ‘marketing asset’ or ‘voice’ for brands to exploit her relationships or compromise the loyalty of her fans. This is a major shortcoming of celebrity endorsements. A determination to not fall for the same trap made Jem open her account with OnlyFans. In her own words:

‘I’ve gained fans because they like what I do, they like what they see and they appreciate my content. Of course, I’m happy to work with brands and include them in posts if it’s relevant to what I am doing, but I want to remain true to why I started doing this, and why fans connected with me in the first place.’

Humble beginnings

Jem Wolfie had always cared about physical fitness although it’ll be a bit of a stretch to say she started out as a fitness enthusiast. Her dream originally was to become an athlete; a dream she would have realized but for a career-threatening injury at the age of 17. After the injury, she shifted her priorities to weight training, arguably the best decision she’s ever made.

But how did Jem become a social media influencer and how has OnlyFans bettered an already successful career?

‘I started posting content on social media, mainly Instagram, about 5 years ago as I wanted to share my passion for health, sports, fitness, and modeling. I really enjoyed creating video and I genuinely wanted to inspire people to lead a fitter, healthier way of life. Not many people were using Instagram at that point but I saw its potential as a way of reaching out and sharing my passions with like-minded people.’

Jem’s combination of content, physique, and an obvious sex appeal perfectly suited the social media space. Her organic following grew tremendously within a short period of time and she became more serious with her daily Instagram posts.

‘I wanted to model underwear, swimwear, sportswear and all kind of things I’m passionate about, but I always drew the line at nudity. That was never on the cards for me and it never will be. It may work for others but I hope I’m an inspiration for influencers who can achieve great success without having to go against their instincts.’

Expectedly, the fans were demanding. Jem listened to them, tuning her posts to their demands. But she had to draw a line between doing that and keeping herself happy.

‘The fans came because I listened and as long as their requests were acceptable to me, I gave them more of what they wanted. I think this is why I attract genuine fans as they understand what I do and how far I will go.

This is further proof that you do not have to lose yourself in a bid to gain a large following on social media. Soon enough, Jem reached a key milestone- 100,000 followers on Instagram. For someone who was simply trying to be herself, this was a significant achievement.

‘I always believed I had the potential to make a name for myself but it kind of hit me when I reached 100,000 fans. Then I knew I could make it a full-time job!’ she says.’ Little did she know that the milestone was a stepping stone to much greater heights.  

The perfect combination

Jem’s Instagrams posts seamlessly combined videos and images, all bordering around her passions. Her posts were dominated by fitness tips or simply pictures of her enjoying some time alone with nature. As her fan base kept growing, the brands started streaming in and her earning potential also grew.

‘I attract sponsorships and I do promotional content for a range of brands including gym apparel, beauty products, and even record labels, but my content is still true to my origins and personal values. I believe that’s why I’ve retained fans and continue to grow.’

Her next major step was becoming a content creator for OnlyFans. With this move, she brought even more value for her fans and the jaw-dropping financial rewards that came with it was more than deserved.

‘I love what I do, but being a content creator and influencer is my business too. I wanted to see how I could grow my income and, at the same time, look after my fans. I decided OnlyFans provided the perfect way to tick both boxes and after a few weeks, I was proved right.’

A success of seismic proportions

Just a month into her OnlyFans journey Jem already has over 10,000 subscribers, each paying a subscription fee of $9.99 (£7.75) per month. Incredibly, this means Jem’s earning potential is on track to generate a staggering $1,000,000 per year from subscriptions alone. Saying this is a success has to be the understatement of the year.

‘My intention is to give exclusives to my fans who are prepared to pay a small subscription for it. I work hard on my content and I want to give something more than I do on my mainstream platforms. To give value to fans I have to make sure the quality is right and they will appreciate what I’m creating, so they feel it’s worth the money. It’s a two-way thing so everyone ends up feeling happy.’

The naked truth

With Jem treating her fans to glimpses of her, she maintains that full nudity and explicit content remains a no-go.  

‘I’ve made that clear from day one both on mainstream platforms and now to my OnlyFans subscribers. Of course, there are creators that are happy to do that and fans that want or may expect that. But that’s not what I’m about.

Being in Australia, I didn’t know a lot about OnlyFans. But when I was looking for ways to build my income from content, it came up top spot on Google. Their website is obviously not positioning OnlyFans as a platform for explicit or pornographic content and it didn’t occur to me. After I signed up I saw that there are people that go that route but that’s a personal choice. On Twitter, there’s lots of people taking content to the wire but people don’t describe Twitter as a pornographic platform.’

As Jem insists, OnlyFans is for all creators and she is spreading the word of her success to fitness enthusiasts as well as makeup artists who she feels can make a substantial income from their content.

‘When I see some comments about OnlyFans it saddens me because, sure some people use it and subscribe to it for that, but there are a growing number of mainstream influencers who create valuable content that fans and followers are happy to pay for. Personal trainers, makeup artists and other content creators I know are posting workouts and tutorials and having amazing success on OnlyFans. I hope others will follow and the perceptions some have of OnlyFans will be put into perspective.”

That said, Jem is not opposed to using OnlyFans to express her sexuality without judgment.

“Being a social media entrepreneur, influencer and content creator is empowering. Being a woman and expressing my sexuality is to be celebrated but subscribers have to accept that I draw the line.”

In conclusion, Jem offers words of encouragement to other content creators. Her meteoric rise from social media enthusiast to Instagram celebrity and OnlyFans advocate is indeed inspirational.

‘I think OnlyFans is a force for good and an incredible way to make an income from your content. The bottom line is if your content is good enough, people will be prepared to pay for it and if it’s not, they won’t. Just think about how you can add something to your content that builds on what you’re good at, see the value in it and create an account. Then see how you go!’

November 1st, 2018|Categories: OnlyFans|8 Comments

How to make your OnlyFans content pay and keep subscribers coming

Content is king.’ That’s about the most popular sentence in digital marketing and it’s as true as it gets. As a social media influencer, you are only relevant because your fans love the content you dish out. When your fans perceive your content as valuable, they would be willing to pay to have access to it. This is the simple concept behind OnlyFans.

The extent of the influence of any content creator can be measured in three ways:

  • The number of genuine fans you’ve accumulated
  • The engagement enjoyed by your content- in terms of comments, views, shares, likes, etc.
  • The brands that are willing to tap into your influence

Building a career as a social media influencer is a process that requires time and dedication. But once you are able to get it right, you can expect a non-stop stream of income. OnlyFans is proven to add a second, even more lucrative dimension to your business as a social media influencer. The story of Jem Wolfie best exemplifies this. Within a month of joining OnlyFans, she generated earnings in excess of $100,000, garnering more than 10,000 subscribers in the process. If that’s not enough to spike your interest, I can only wonder what is.

The simple way to make it pay

Not all social media influencers enjoy an impressive patronage from brands. Plus the competition is getting even stiffer by the day. If you are a content creator and you are consistently dishing out valuable content to your followers, you shouldn’t have to sweat before you can monetize your craft. OnlyFans presents a simple way to make money from your creativity and dedication to supplying your fans with top-notch content.

Once you create an OnlyFans account, you can set your subscription fees and invite your fans to subscribe if they are to continue enjoying your wonderful contents. Admittedly, most of your fans won’t. But if you have honed your craft as a social media influencer, you shouldn’t have too much trouble driving traffic to your OnlyFans account. The platform also has various avenues through which potential subscribers are attracted to your content. The catch here is that you get to keep a whopping 80% of the subscription fees while OnlyFans make do with a meager 20%. It’s indeed a platform designed to enrich social media influencers.

Apart from providing an opportunity to make more money, OnlyFans further tests your mettle as a content creator cum social media influencer. People would only pay to see what you dish out if they consider your content valuable. You’ll have to put more effort than you’d put on mainstream platforms. If you want to keep your subscribers and attract even more people to your page, you’ll need to:

  • Offer exclusives
  • Extend your content
  • Add value to what you’re already doing
  • Actively engage your fans

OnlyFans promises to help you monetize your craft as a social media influencer. However, the platform is not a get-rich-quick avenue. The first thing to think about is what are you already giving away freely that has an inherent value? For example. If you’re a makeup artist and posting free tutorials, why not rescale your free content and offer exclusive, and more in-depth, tutorials for subscribers? If you’re a personal trainer, post a part-work out and invite your fans to subscribe for a more personalized routine? You can also think about exclusive videos, images, and content that doesn’t go out on other social platforms.

Your fans love you the way you are

As much as you would try to upgrade your contents, you should never lose the originality that endeared your fans to you in the first place. Many social media influencers try too hard to please their fans once they join OnlyFans. But this shouldn’t be the case. You should hold on to your original traits on the mainstream platform because that’s what could help you retain your fans’ loyalty. As a content creator, this shouldn’t be too hard. It just requires a little forward thinking, planning, and execution. You certainly don’t have to reinvent yourself, create a new social persona or go in an entirely different direction. That would be missing the point. Remember always that your fans love you just the way you are. But on OnlyFans, you give them a little more of what they love for a small monthly subscription.

OnlyFans helps you in more ways than one

We already talked about how only fans would help you hone your skills when it comes to keeping an audience engaged. Another obvious advantage of the platform is its potential to enhance your commercial relationship with your regular sponsors. This easily happens when you are able to build a strong community of subscribers. Imagine yourself working with a brand to create content and campaigns for mainstream social platforms. You can offer an exclusive extension of the campaign to your OnlyFans community. You’ll be creating a multidimensional campaign that would attract your free-to-view audience and paid subscriber alike. You can be sure many brands would be thrilled with the idea as it is easier to sell a product or service to a community of people that are already used to paying for value. It’s indeed a win-win for all parties.

Content is KING

Yeah. It’s that statement again! Whether across your mainstream social landscape or on OnlyFans, content is king. If you want advice on how to develop your content plan and create exclusives based on your genre, we can help with that too. Our aim is shared; we want to help you create a highly successful influencer business and in the process build OnlyFans as the No.1 influencer platform.

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How to: add the OnlyFans App icon to your phone homepage

How to: add the OnlyFans App icon to your phone homepage Whilst the OnlyFans app is being redeveloped to increase its user experiences and functionality, many users have been looking for an alternative. Well, now you can!

OnlyFans is recognised as the UK’s market leading Social media & influencer platform for subscriber exclusive content. OnlyFans has revolutionised the way social media influencers engage with their fans. It enables them to create exclusive content for fans and followers and monetise their content by setting a subscription fee… Although a stand-alone platform, OnlyFans is intrinsically linked with global social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. OnlyFans makes it possible for content creators with influence and large fan bases to create fan-only content for fans that are willing to pay-to-view. This is a game changer for content creators who are currently relying on brand endorsement, campaigns and YouTube advertising commissions to commercialise their social media careers. OnlyFans delivers a real and direct return on investment for content creators.

Unlock The Power Of Your Influence

Now’s the time to recognise you have influence and look at how to make it pay, so check out OnlyFans and see how much you could earn from your content today.

Join OnlyFans
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How influencers make money from OnlyFans

How influencers can make money from their followers with OnlyFans

Social media platforms, like OnlyFans, are one of the most important innovations of this millennium. They connect our world in ways we never thought was possible and they bring us closer to those we could only admire from a distance. Asides the connection, one of the most amazing things about social media platforms is their power to make ordinary people more than ordinary. Social media influencers readily come to mind here. If you did not know, the most engaged athlete on social media is not any of your favourite footballers or NBA stars. A gamer on Twitch holds that title. And it’s hard to argue that he wouldn’t have been that popular, but for the power of social media.

Does social media popularity equate to wealth?

Unfortunately, the straight answer is No. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are among the biggest businesses in this age. So, it’s rather shocking that influencers do not get any direct monetary benefit from them. However, we cannot undermine the fact that these platforms give influencers the platform to become relevant, and perhaps rich.

However, one cannot help but argue that this is enough. It is never easy to amass a large following on social media if you’re not a celebrity. It takes a lot of time, hard work, creativity, and sometimes, money. But what if there is a platform that rewards you for all that you do as an influencer and has the power to make you rich? Enter OnlyFans, the leading fans subscription site that rewards influencers for their efforts.

How does OnlyFans work?

We all know it’s difficult to consistently create content that holds people spellbound. Building an online following is hard enough and keeping the followers engaged is much tougher. As long as you are ready to continue creating useful content for your online followers, you can make a fortune from OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is building a network of content creators where fans subscribe to have access to the posts of their favourite influencers. The fans would get a notification of the posts and a compelling snippet. However, they won’t have access to the post until they subscribe. Fans can also send private messages to the influencers depending on their subscription plans.

As an influencer, you are rewarded with an 80% commision on all income. You can earn from subscriptions, tips, and PPV messages. This would serve as a great motivation to keep doing what you love and keep touching the lives of others in ways only you can.

There is no greater joy than doing what you love and earning from it. OnlyFans is the online hub of content creators and fans that can help you achieve this. More than $50,0000,000 have already been paid out to creators. If you know you have what it takes to keep your audience engaged and wanting more, it’s high time you turned that skill into a goldmine.

Read our FAQs to find out more!

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Who can view my OnlyFans content?

Paid subscribers are the only people who can see your content. The media on your profile are unwatchable until they’re paid for. When you upload content, ensure you abide by the terms of the service agreement you reviewed during the sign-up process.

Should I promote my OnlyFans profile?

You should post content regularly. The more content you put out there, the more of a presence you’ll have on search results when users are browsing for profiles to follow. Consider adding a link to your OnlyFans profile on your social media accounts. You can also use paid ads to promote your profile on social networks. Don’t forget to promote updates to new content on accounts associated with your OnlyFans profile. Ensure the keywords you use in your profile are relevant to the content you put out there. That way, you’ll be found when people are searching for accounts to follow on With the right keywords used on the Advanced Settings page, you might even show up on the “Recommended for You” section from time to time.

Can I have more than one active profile?

A user can’t have multiple accounts. Exceptions are made for couples who link a shared bank account to their profile.

Should I add a link to my profile on other social networks?

You should if you want more followers. The “About Me” section of your social media profile is where you should add a link to your OnlyFans account. You can also connect your Twitter account to your profile on You’ll be able to connect other social networks to it in the near future, too.

Are there limits on how much content I can put out?

You can add as many as 20 photos or a single video in every post. Your video can’t be any bigger than 3GB, while your photos shouldn’t be any bigger than 6000×6000 pixels. OnlyFans supports MPEG4, AVI, MOV, and MP4 video formats. WMV file uploads are an option, but the quality of those files might be inferior to the ones listed above.

How are paid private messages sent?

On the subscriber’s page, click on “Message”. This will open up a pop-up window titled “New Message.” On the message field’s left side, you’ll see a pair of buttons. One of them allows you to set prices for your content. The other button allows you to upload media. When fans pay to see your media, their credit cards will automatically be charged. For more information on sending paid PMs, have a look at our video guide.

Can I conceal my profile from specific countries and IP addresses?

You can block various IP addresses from seeing your profile page. On the “Advanced Settings” page, these features can be configured further.

Are free trials available for potential subscribers?

Only those who haven’t subscribed to your profile can use a free trial.

Someone is posting my content on other websites. What steps should I take to get it taken down?

For help with pirated content, send an email to One of our customer service reps will be pleased to assist you with this.

What are the benefits of being an OnlyFans subscriber?

Besides having access to exclusive content, you’ll be able to engage with your fans through the “Direct Message” platform. With so many features at your disposal and more on the way, follows will remain loyal. After all, your profile is a direct source to the content they crave from you!

How are users able to search for profiles on

You can use the search feature on the Home page when viewing the site on a desktop platform. Developers are currently working to install this feature for mobile screens. Profiles can be found when users search by hashtags and usernames. Be mindful that users can only access content after they subscribe to a profile.

Can I subscribe to multiple profiles?

You can. To begin, add your credit card details, then subscribe to any account you want by clicking “Follow” in their profile. When you follow an account, you’ll automatically have access to that profile’s media. Updates from these profiles will appear in your timeline, too. If you’re not pleased with the content you see, simply unsubscribe from that profile. In doing so, you won’t be charged for being a subscriber to that profile on the next billing cycle.

Which cards are supported?

For now, only MasterCard and Visa debit or credit cards can be used to subscribe to an account, no matter where in the world you are. Gift cards or prepaid cards can’t be used on OnlyFans.

What will users see on their credit card statements when purchasing a subscription on OnlyFans?

Whatever your public profile is named is what users will see on their statements. It’s up to you what your cover picture, avatar, and username displays, which you can configure on the “Advanced Settings” section. No other information will be seen your statement besides the subscription for a merchant on

How am I billed?

At first, your card will be charged $0.10 for verification purposes. That amount is refunded back to your card when you add it to your profile. Future transactions are made using the card you add to your account. Transactions transpire through when you subscribe, then every 30 days afterward that until you cancel your subscription. A third party payment provider offers encrypted security to conceal your private data. OnlyFans does not see your card’s details, nor do we collect any private data files of any kind.

Payment details are stored securely by a PCI Level 1-Compliant merchant. Private information is stored as authorized token codes, as opposed to actual credit card numbers. More than a million accounts are covered by our service, some of which are high profile influencers. We can promise you that our website is secure, and that private data always remains confidential.

What is 3D Secure?

3D secure has been integrated into OnlyFans’ checkout process. In short, it’s an authorization step for payments made online. This feature is used to prevent fraud. It offers an extra layer of security for debit and credit card purchases made online. When you buy something on the internet, you’ll be asked for your credit card details, as well as the CVV code on the back. The bank sends you a text to validate your purchase. In doing so, your link your bank card to your mobile device, which tells the bank that the transaction was made by you. Through this process, you won’t be charged for transactions made if the card goes missing.

To obtain the 3D Verified by Visa or a MasterCard SecureCode feature, request it from your credit card provider. Don’t forget to re-add the card once the feature is enabled on the “Add a Card” page. Note: credit cards without the 3D Verified feature might be rejected when users are trying to purchase a subscription.

Why am I unable to subscribe?

There could be many reasons. After registration, ensure your email address is confirmed. It is also possible that the credit card details weren’t added properly. When cards are rejected, a message might come up telling you that the transaction was flagged as fraudulent. Your bank sends this standard alert to you when incorrect information is entered. Usually, your state will need to be typed out, rather than abbreviated.

Your card also might be declined if your IP address is hidden with a VPN service or private browsing network. The verification process is halted when the bank is unable to trace the location of the transaction. This is for your protection – your bank is trying to prevent people besides yourself from using your card. You can resolve this by adding your credit card info over a normal internet connection – in other words, don’t conceal your IP address. Bank network connections are always secure, so you needn’t worry about fraudsters at bay during this process.

Why can’t I log in?

Odds are you are trying to log into an alternative account potentially created with another email address. If you can’t access your subscription despite being able to log into your account, you need to log in using your original account. On the webpage’s top-right corner, click the account icon. Afterward, click the final option to log out. Refresh your page, then log back in. Ensure the fields are filled out with the original details you signed up with. If you can’t remember your password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen. Keep in mind that you can log in through Twitter, which might explain an alternative login you discover.

Can my subscription be cancelled?

Your subscription can be cancelled whenever you want. After you cancel, you’ll still be able to access your subscription until the end of the billing cycle you paid for. After that, you won’t be billed again. You can stop your card from being renewed automatically by unchecking the “auto-renew” box.

My card was charged even though my OnlyFans subscription was cancelled. Why?

Chances are you have another account open using a different email address or Twitter account. These accounts may have been inadvertently created during the sign-up process. Perhaps you tried to sign in with Twitter and opted to use your email address instead. Maybe you misspelt your email address when entering it the first time. Regardless, contact customer support with your real name, username, the last four digits of your credit card, and details about the charge in question (the amount charged, and the date of the charge). In doing so, we can isolate the account associated with the charge.

How do I close my OnlyFans account?

Your account can be closed on the page labeled, “Advanced Settings.” There, you’ll find a link to delete your account. Make sure all subscriptions are inactive upon doing so. Once your account is closed, subscriptions associated with that account can no longer be accessed.

Can I connect my bank account to my OnlyFans account?

If you live in certain EU countries, the UK, Australia, Canada, or the USA, you can connect your OnlyFans account to a bank account. Other countries can access OnlyFans by using ePayments integrated into the platform.

For verification purposes, what kind of photo ID should I use?

To begin earning, you’ll have to upload a photo or scanned document of your driver’s license or passport on the “Banking” page. The information and picture on the ID must be readable. Your upload should not be resized or edited. Ensure there is nothing in the background of the scan you upload. Ensure that the information on the upload isn’t concealed by optical effects like glares. Once your ID is uploaded, click “Save Changes.” You may have to wait a moment for the file to finish uploading. Residents of the United States will need to upload a completed W9 form, too. Your form will warrant a hand-written signature, which you can also upload through this platform.

How much will I earn on OnlyFans?

You get 80% of commissions, including tips and subscriptions. We charge a 20% fee to finance the processing of your payments, hosting your account, and similar expenses that come with operating the website.

You must charge subscribers at least $4.99/month. There is no cap on how many subscriptions you can have. There is a $5.00 minimum on tips and paid PMs. The amount you earn comes down to the quantity and quality of the content you provide. Fans are more inclined to subscribe to you if the content you put out there is consistent, ongoing, and frequent.

How do I get paid?

Based on where you are located, your account will have a specific payout system. Our merchants can efficiently configure your account. Your verified ePayments wallet or bank account can be linked up to your OnlyFans account. Upon verification of your account, you can establish your subscription prices in the “Settings” section. You may not be able to set your rates until verification of your account is complete. Based on the merchant system, your requests for payouts can be seen on the “Add a Bank” page. On the “Statements” page, you can see what your weekly earnings are. Pending balances usually clear within seven business days. Afterward, you’re free to withdraw those funds.

How frequent are payments?

Requests for bank payouts and withdrawals get processed within five business days. Processing times per bank differ. We endeavor to process withdrawals as soon as we can. With that in mind, our team of developers are always working on new options for payouts.

If fans aren’t able to send tips or subscribe, what are my options?

Based on where you live, your banking details might have to be re-added to the “Banking” section on your account. Ask your fans to send screenshots to our customer service team if you are having difficulty even if the correct banking details have been filled out and verified. We investigate each case in such instances to isolate the source of the problem before resolving it. At times, fans might not be able to send you tips or subscribe to your profile because of conditions on their end, and not yours or ours.