Content is king.’ That’s about the most popular sentence in digital marketing and it’s as true as it gets. As a social media influencer, you are only relevant because your fans love the content you dish out. When your fans perceive your content as valuable, they would be willing to pay to have access to it. This is the simple concept behind OnlyFans.

The extent of the influence of any content creator can be measured in three ways:

  • The number of genuine fans you’ve accumulated
  • The engagement enjoyed by your content- in terms of comments, views, shares, likes, etc.
  • The brands that are willing to tap into your influence

Building a career as a social media influencer is a process that requires time and dedication. But once you are able to get it right, you can expect a non-stop stream of income. OnlyFans is proven to add a second, even more lucrative dimension to your business as a social media influencer. The story of Jem Wolfie best exemplifies this. Within a month of joining OnlyFans, she generated earnings in excess of $100,000, garnering more than 10,000 subscribers in the process. If that’s not enough to spike your interest, I can only wonder what is.

The simple way to make it pay

Not all social media influencers enjoy an impressive patronage from brands. Plus the competition is getting even stiffer by the day. If you are a content creator and you are consistently dishing out valuable content to your followers, you shouldn’t have to sweat before you can monetize your craft. OnlyFans presents a simple way to make money from your creativity and dedication to supplying your fans with top-notch content.

Once you create an OnlyFans account, you can set your subscription fees and invite your fans to subscribe if they are to continue enjoying your wonderful contents. Admittedly, most of your fans won’t. But if you have honed your craft as a social media influencer, you shouldn’t have too much trouble driving traffic to your OnlyFans account. The platform also has various avenues through which potential subscribers are attracted to your content. The catch here is that you get to keep a whopping 80% of the subscription fees while OnlyFans make do with a meager 20%. It’s indeed a platform designed to enrich social media influencers.

Apart from providing an opportunity to make more money, OnlyFans further tests your mettle as a content creator cum social media influencer. People would only pay to see what you dish out if they consider your content valuable. You’ll have to put more effort than you’d put on mainstream platforms. If you want to keep your subscribers and attract even more people to your page, you’ll need to:

  • Offer exclusives
  • Extend your content
  • Add value to what you’re already doing
  • Actively engage your fans

OnlyFans promises to help you monetize your craft as a social media influencer. However, the platform is not a get-rich-quick avenue. The first thing to think about is what are you already giving away freely that has an inherent value? For example. If you’re a makeup artist and posting free tutorials, why not rescale your free content and offer exclusive, and more in-depth, tutorials for subscribers? If you’re a personal trainer, post a part-work out and invite your fans to subscribe for a more personalized routine? You can also think about exclusive videos, images, and content that doesn’t go out on other social platforms.

Your fans love you the way you are

As much as you would try to upgrade your contents, you should never lose the originality that endeared your fans to you in the first place. Many social media influencers try too hard to please their fans once they join OnlyFans. But this shouldn’t be the case. You should hold on to your original traits on the mainstream platform because that’s what could help you retain your fans’ loyalty. As a content creator, this shouldn’t be too hard. It just requires a little forward thinking, planning, and execution. You certainly don’t have to reinvent yourself, create a new social persona or go in an entirely different direction. That would be missing the point. Remember always that your fans love you just the way you are. But on OnlyFans, you give them a little more of what they love for a small monthly subscription.

OnlyFans helps you in more ways than one

We already talked about how only fans would help you hone your skills when it comes to keeping an audience engaged. Another obvious advantage of the platform is its potential to enhance your commercial relationship with your regular sponsors. This easily happens when you are able to build a strong community of subscribers. Imagine yourself working with a brand to create content and campaigns for mainstream social platforms. You can offer an exclusive extension of the campaign to your OnlyFans community. You’ll be creating a multidimensional campaign that would attract your free-to-view audience and paid subscriber alike. You can be sure many brands would be thrilled with the idea as it is easier to sell a product or service to a community of people that are already used to paying for value. It’s indeed a win-win for all parties.

Content is KING

Yeah. It’s that statement again! Whether across your mainstream social landscape or on OnlyFans, content is king. If you want advice on how to develop your content plan and create exclusives based on your genre, we can help with that too. Our aim is shared; we want to help you create a highly successful influencer business and in the process build OnlyFans as the No.1 influencer platform.