Social media is evolving at a breakneck speed. One of the products of this evolution is the social media influencer- erstwhile ordinary people who have been able to amass a large following on social media platforms. Influencers have the power to drive opinions and affect the purchasing habits of their followers. Unsurprisingly, brands and businesses are beginning to appreciate the power of these influencers and you might as well call them the 21st-century celebrities.

As cheesy as it sounds, becoming a social media influencer is no easy task. People who do not know you would not follow you because you begged them to. There must be something that attracts you to them, something that makes you worthy of being followed. A following of the proportions necessary to become a social media influencer is only achievable when you are able to strengthen the value chain. Consistently offer something of value and more people would visit your page, keeping your thousands or millions of followers (when you eventually gain them) glued to your page is perhaps a harder proposition. The moment what you’re offering is no longer perceived to be of value, the crowd would disperse quicker than they gathered. Many content creators have experienced this and believe me when I tell you that rising again is an uphill task.

How do influencers make their money?

We already emphasized the hard work that goes into becoming a social media influencer and staying relevant as one. But just how do they monetize their craft? First off, social media platforms do not directly pay influencers or content creators (except YouTube perhaps). This may sound rather shocking as these platforms are among the biggest businesses in this age. But it’s the reality, for now at least. What social media does is expose influencers to brands that are willing to leverage on their influence. Think about celebrity endorsement, only that this is on a more personal level. The nature of the influencer’s craft makes them closer to their fans.

As a social media influencer, a  near-total dependence on brand endorsements to monetize your craft poses a real danger. If anything, your fans love originality. You should never lose what endeared them to you in the first place. Balancing being yourself and representing paying brands could be tricky. And this doesn’t remove the fact that you’re not gaining directly from your everyday content, the content that earned you the fans in the first place.

OnlyFans presents the perfect solution

The truth is, your fans love what you do and they trust your opinion. That’s why they connected with you and it’s why you have the influence you do. This is where OnlyFans comes in. We recognize how much your fans value your content and that is why we are dedicated to helping you make money from it. As an extension of the social media experience you are creating for fans, OnlyFans gives you the freedom to create exclusive ‘fan only’ content. Your dedicated fans would pay a small amount as subscription fees in order to have access to this content. Adding this dimension to your social mix enables you to create exclusive and added-value content for subscribers. Furthermore, it enhances your fan relationships and, importantly, you’ll be generating a substantial income from the quality content you work so hard to create.

Create and earn from great content

To make your content pay, you would continue to meet the expectations of your fans for free content. But by understanding where your true value and influence are, you simply reserve some content for subscribers. It is important to keep your original following on social media. They are the ones that already know the worth of your content and many of them would be thrilled at the news that you’re going a step further in a bid to please them. The exclusives and added-value services you would be sharing on your OnlyFans page represent this giant step.

For example, if you’re a fitness expert, you may post workout routines or fitness tips. Extending your content to offer in-depth workouts is something you deserve to earn from. Why give all of your expertise for free? Makeup or beauty influencers may give tips and techniques for free, but creating more extensive tutorials is something your fans would value enough to pay a little for. Right?

The reality is this. For the majority of your fans, nothing will change; they’ll continue to enjoy your content as it is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Adding an option for people to subscribe to exclusive content doesn’t compromise or diminish what you’ve achieved. But if just 1% of your fans take a subscription your content could generate between £1,000 and £5,025 per month*. You create great content anyway and your fans love it. So why deny yourself the chance to give more value to your fans and get paid for it, if they want it?

Join the trend today…

OnlyFans is at the forefront of the social media evolution. Millions of content creators across the world already have OnlyFans accounts, they’re building their subscriber base and earning from exclusive subscriber-only content. On a technical point, the social media experience you’ve worked so hard to establish is seamless too. The OnlyFans platform replicates Twitter and Instagram in its feel and user experience. Everything looks and feels similar to content creators and subscribers alike.

Helping you in more ways than one

Once you start offering exclusive content, you’ll become more adept at adding value to your subscribers. Indirectly, you’re honing your skills and becoming even more relevant. Asides this, OnlyFans has the potential to enhance your commercial relationship with your regular sponsors. This easily happens when you are able to build a strong community of subscribers. Imagine yourself working with a brand to create content and campaigns for mainstream social platforms. You can offer an exclusive extension of the campaign to your OnlyFans community. You’ll be creating a multidimensional campaign that would attract your free-to-view audience and paid subscriber alike. You can be sure many brands would be thrilled with the idea as it is easier to sell a product or service to a community of people that are already used to paying for value. It’s indeed a win-win for all parties.

Unlock The Power Of Your Influence

Now’s the time to recognize you have influence and look at how to make it pay. Check out our website and see how much you could earn from your content today.