If you’ve ever had a large following on any social media platform, you’ll easily agree that being a social media influencer is inspiring and exciting. And it could come with monetary gratification too. Brands are now aware of the ability of content creators to connect with their followers in ways traditional means of marketing can’t. As an influencer, the least you could do is tap into this potential. OnlyFans is a platform you can explore to turn your crowd into gold.

A true marketing ‘Jem’

You do not come by influencers like Jem Wolfie every day. Too often, we see people amassing a large following on social media but ultimately struggling to keep them. The root cause of this is that most social media influencers present themselves as something else in a bid to gain the cult following. At some point, keeping up the appearance becomes harder than they imagined. They offer less value to their followers and an otherwise massive following begins to wane.

Jem Wolfie belongs to another ilk. Her 2 million Instagram followers enjoy her originality. And she knows she doesn’t have to change a thing about herself in a bid to keep them. The originality creates a connection that goes all the way down to an emotional level even when it’s only a virtual connection.

Her passion for what she does, her fan base, and the loyalty she has built make her widely coveted by numerous brands. Her endorsement of brands, whilst very selective and true to her genuine beliefs, fetch her a healthy income. The inclusion of products in her content is real, personal and natural, and that approach works for Jem and the brands she represents. But she also appreciates the need to remain impartial and not become a ‘marketing asset’ or ‘voice’ for brands to exploit her relationships or compromise the loyalty of her fans. This is a major shortcoming of celebrity endorsements. A determination to not fall for the same trap made Jem open her account with OnlyFans. In her own words:

‘I’ve gained fans because they like what I do, they like what they see and they appreciate my content. Of course, I’m happy to work with brands and include them in posts if it’s relevant to what I am doing, but I want to remain true to why I started doing this, and why fans connected with me in the first place.’

Humble beginnings

Jem Wolfie had always cared about physical fitness although it’ll be a bit of a stretch to say she started out as a fitness enthusiast. Her dream originally was to become an athlete; a dream she would have realized but for a career-threatening injury at the age of 17. After the injury, she shifted her priorities to weight training, arguably the best decision she’s ever made.

But how did Jem become a social media influencer and how has OnlyFans bettered an already successful career?

‘I started posting content on social media, mainly Instagram, about 5 years ago as I wanted to share my passion for health, sports, fitness, and modeling. I really enjoyed creating video and I genuinely wanted to inspire people to lead a fitter, healthier way of life. Not many people were using Instagram at that point but I saw its potential as a way of reaching out and sharing my passions with like-minded people.’

Jem’s combination of content, physique, and an obvious sex appeal perfectly suited the social media space. Her organic following grew tremendously within a short period of time and she became more serious with her daily Instagram posts.

‘I wanted to model underwear, swimwear, sportswear and all kind of things I’m passionate about, but I always drew the line at nudity. That was never on the cards for me and it never will be. It may work for others but I hope I’m an inspiration for influencers who can achieve great success without having to go against their instincts.’

Expectedly, the fans were demanding. Jem listened to them, tuning her posts to their demands. But she had to draw a line between doing that and keeping herself happy.

‘The fans came because I listened and as long as their requests were acceptable to me, I gave them more of what they wanted. I think this is why I attract genuine fans as they understand what I do and how far I will go.

This is further proof that you do not have to lose yourself in a bid to gain a large following on social media. Soon enough, Jem reached a key milestone- 100,000 followers on Instagram. For someone who was simply trying to be herself, this was a significant achievement.

‘I always believed I had the potential to make a name for myself but it kind of hit me when I reached 100,000 fans. Then I knew I could make it a full-time job!’ she says.’ Little did she know that the milestone was a stepping stone to much greater heights.  

The perfect combination

Jem’s Instagrams posts seamlessly combined videos and images, all bordering around her passions. Her posts were dominated by fitness tips or simply pictures of her enjoying some time alone with nature. As her fan base kept growing, the brands started streaming in and her earning potential also grew.

‘I attract sponsorships and I do promotional content for a range of brands including gym apparel, beauty products, and even record labels, but my content is still true to my origins and personal values. I believe that’s why I’ve retained fans and continue to grow.’

Her next major step was becoming a content creator for OnlyFans. With this move, she brought even more value for her fans and the jaw-dropping financial rewards that came with it was more than deserved.

‘I love what I do, but being a content creator and influencer is my business too. I wanted to see how I could grow my income and, at the same time, look after my fans. I decided OnlyFans provided the perfect way to tick both boxes and after a few weeks, I was proved right.’

A success of seismic proportions

Just a month into her OnlyFans journey Jem already has over 10,000 subscribers, each paying a subscription fee of $9.99 (£7.75) per month. Incredibly, this means Jem’s earning potential is on track to generate a staggering $1,000,000 per year from subscriptions alone. Saying this is a success has to be the understatement of the year.

‘My intention is to give exclusives to my fans who are prepared to pay a small subscription for it. I work hard on my content and I want to give something more than I do on my mainstream platforms. To give value to fans I have to make sure the quality is right and they will appreciate what I’m creating, so they feel it’s worth the money. It’s a two-way thing so everyone ends up feeling happy.’

The naked truth

With Jem treating her fans to glimpses of her, she maintains that full nudity and explicit content remains a no-go.  

‘I’ve made that clear from day one both on mainstream platforms and now to my OnlyFans subscribers. Of course, there are creators that are happy to do that and fans that want or may expect that. But that’s not what I’m about.

Being in Australia, I didn’t know a lot about OnlyFans. But when I was looking for ways to build my income from content, it came up top spot on Google. Their website is obviously not positioning OnlyFans as a platform for explicit or pornographic content and it didn’t occur to me. After I signed up I saw that there are people that go that route but that’s a personal choice. On Twitter, there’s lots of people taking content to the wire but people don’t describe Twitter as a pornographic platform.’

As Jem insists, OnlyFans is for all creators and she is spreading the word of her success to fitness enthusiasts as well as makeup artists who she feels can make a substantial income from their content.

‘When I see some comments about OnlyFans it saddens me because, sure some people use it and subscribe to it for that, but there are a growing number of mainstream influencers who create valuable content that fans and followers are happy to pay for. Personal trainers, makeup artists and other content creators I know are posting workouts and tutorials and having amazing success on OnlyFans. I hope others will follow and the perceptions some have of OnlyFans will be put into perspective.”

That said, Jem is not opposed to using OnlyFans to express her sexuality without judgment.

“Being a social media entrepreneur, influencer and content creator is empowering. Being a woman and expressing my sexuality is to be celebrated but subscribers have to accept that I draw the line.”

In conclusion, Jem offers words of encouragement to other content creators. Her meteoric rise from social media enthusiast to Instagram celebrity and OnlyFans advocate is indeed inspirational.

‘I think OnlyFans is a force for good and an incredible way to make an income from your content. The bottom line is if your content is good enough, people will be prepared to pay for it and if it’s not, they won’t. Just think about how you can add something to your content that builds on what you’re good at, see the value in it and create an account. Then see how you go!’